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Our team has immense understanding of domestic and international tax laws including their practice. This coupled with harmonization of finance, accountancy and taxation to provide the best tax services on the market.



What We Do;

Our lawyers undertake to reduce your tax burden or better; to legally get you away with it. This eased with our expertise in domestic and International tax advisory, Tax planning and restructuring, Tax strategy and risk management, Tax Due diligence, Corporate Tax, Tax compliance advice, Tax exemption advice, Tax policy Advisory, Tax audits, filing of tax returns, Tax registration, Tax consultancy, Transfer pricing, transactional taxes, Tax Trainings, Accounting outsourcing among others.

Further, our team has expertise in resolving tax disputes through administrative engagements with Uganda Revenue Authority, Alternative Dispute Resolution, appealing to the Tax Appeals Tribunal and extensive litigation in courts of law. Ultimately, our goal to reduce your tax burden or legally do away with the tax is realized.