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We Are Your Trusted Legal Partner

Land and Property law, Immigration Law Matters, Family Law Including Foreign and Local Adoption, Company Law and Commercial Transactions, Constitutional Law Litigation, Environmental Law and Human Rights.


Who We Are

Kakuru & Co. Advocates is a well-established law firm in Uganda that has continued to provide valuable legal services and contributed to the country’s environmental law jurisprudence primarily through Public Interest Litigation.

The firm has built & maintained a clean-cut reputation based on professionalism & moral integrity for over three decades.

Kakuru & Co. Advocates, established in 1987 by the founding partner the late Hon. Justice Kenneth Kakuru, has witnessed various disruptive forces over the years for example technological advancements, demographic changes, climate change, globalisation, legislative flux, gender equality, the Covid-19 pandemic etc.

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Areas of Practice

All services provided by Kakuru & Co. Advocates cater to individuals, private sector businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), inter-governmental organizations and multinational corporations.