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About Us

Who We Are

Kakuru & Co. Advocates is a well-established law firm in Uganda that has continued to provide valuable legal services and contributed to the country’s environmental law jurisprudence primarily through Public Interest Litigation.

Kakuru & Co. Advocates was established in 1987 by the founding Partner, Justice Kenneth Kakuru.  Since its establishment, the Firm has been on a trajectory creating a track record of integrity and excellence. We groom young lawyers and provide them with a solid foundation in legal practice.

Cases handled by the Firm have contributed to the Country's constitutional and environmental law jurisdiction.

Our Practice Areas
What We Stand For

Our Mission, Vision and Firm Policy


Kakuru & Co. Advocates is committed to understanding our client’s needs and objectives by working closely with them to achieve effective results.


To continuously evolve by investing our time and resources in building valuable and timely legal services with integrity.

Core Values;

  • Professional Development
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity

We are a dedicated and principled team that believes in providing valuable, timely, effective and efficient legal services with proven results.

Firm Policies;

Kakuru & Co. Advocates maintains client satisfaction through an open door policy (between ourselves and our clients) that is guided by our unwavering principles and ethics. In line with this policy, we carry out all client tasks and responsibilities with due diligence, skill, efficiency and integrity in accordance with generally accepted professional techniques and practices to ensure that the provisions of the laws of Uganda are not violated. We will handle each assignment on a strictly confidential basis.

Kakuru & Co. Advocates ensures;

  • To represent the client's interests and pledge to deliver advice and expertise that ensures success.
  • To adopt a tailored approach which is far better that the commonly used 'one size fits all' approach
  • To provide tangible benefits, including a clear difference on the performance of segments across your debt porfolio and perfection of securities
  • Our highly experienced team of lawyers concentrates on any duties designed to the Firm.
  • Our staff and partners have hands-on experience on the most legal matters and regulatory frameworks affecting the listed sectors in our practice areas


Meet The Team

Kakuru & Co. Advocates has endeavoured to recruit a team with excellent academic and professional qualifications. All partners and advocates hold vital hands-on experience having worked with reputable law firms in Uganda, supported by well-trained staff that adheres to the Firm's mission, vision, core values and policy