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Justice Kenneth Kakuru [1958 – 2023]

Popularised largely by impeccable service at the bench, Justice Kakuru was equally a distinguished legal practitioner prior to his 2013 appointment as a justice of the Court of Appeal/Constitutional court.

He founded Kakuru & Co. Advocates in 1987 and there by served as its managing partner prior to his appointment to the Bench. While at the Firm, the late Justice not only over saw the firm’s strategic growth but also its contribution to greater public good through public interest litigation with specific excellence at protection of environmental and human rights.

Justice Kenneth Kakuru proceeded to establish a non-governmental organisation ‘Greenwatch’ purposed to be a vehicle for advancing the enforcement of the constitutional right to a clean and healthy environment.



Justice Kenneth Kakuru

Greewatch has since been a creator and bank for environmental literature in the country, as it has undertaken public interest litigation purposed at environmental conservation and climate justice. Greenwatch continues to engage in projects to better the environment and mitigate the climate change crisis/threat.

His pursuit for public good was only amplified but not commenced by the greater platform of the Court of Appeal/ Constitutional Court where he made land mark decisions in protecting constitutionality, right cultural and moral standards.

With numerous judicial career highlights, notable ones include the famous declaration made in the case of Human Rights Network Uganda & 6 others Versus Attorney General constitutional petition No. 56 of 2023. In that case,  Justice Kenneth Kakuru in his Judgment held that Section 8 of the Public Order Management Act ‘is to enable the police to suppress enjoyment of a constitutionally guaranteed freedom of assembly using arbitrary measures.’

On all occasions, the late learned justice upheld fundamental human rights and did not hesitate to make judicial decisions that reflected the same, this, an attribute that amassed him popularity amongst citizens and beyond. 

The peak of popularity for Justice Kenneth Kakuru came in 2018 at deciding the famous age limit petition where he demonstrated utmost impartiality and independence as a judicial officer. He made a daring ruling disallowing the petition. This amassed immense public attention despite his judgment being a dissenting one against four others of his honorable learned colleagues.

The late honorable Justice Kenneth Kakuru remains to be remembered as a dignified litigator and the epitome of judicial service. That which is beyond self, characterized by braveness, reason and independence of mind.

His contribution to the firm is not only indelible and invaluable but remains to hold significant importance to the team as we embrace the good he stood for.